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Install OSRAM’s devices on a Philips Hue bridge


Folks, today the topic is all about domotic and more precisely how to add OSRAM’s devices on a Philips Hue bridge. I use since a while domotic devices of two brands, Philips Hue and OSRAM. Both use the ZigBee protocol and OSRAM devices are mostly compatible with the Hue bridge (surely the OSRAM SMART+ Plug) at least in Europe. OSRAM products seems to be labelled Sylvania in the US, moreover they seem to use ZigBee HA rather than the ZigBee LL. Thus this article would be more reliable for european users.

When you buy a new device, in this use case an OSRAM device, you’d first plug it and try to pair it with your Hue bridge. Sadly, it happens that the Hue bridge doesn’t find it. Let’s see how to fix that !


It’s important to know that I won’t advise hardware I don’t use on a daily basis, so here’s what it’s working currently for me. You can have the information below from your Philips Hue bridge simply by doing a GET request on /api/[hash]/config (for the Bridge’s information) or /api/[hash]/lights (for the lights, plugs are seen as lights by Hue). It’s obvious you can’t check it if they are not paired it’s why I put links to check the products.

Model NameModel ID (Hue API)Software Version (Hue API)
Philips Hue bridge v2 BSB0021932126170
OSRAM SMART+ Plug Plug 01 V1.04.12

How to

First, if not done yet, install and configure the Hue App. You might be able to do it from the API directly but I won’t cover this.

Open up the app and do as follow:

  • Go to Settings
  • Move to Light setup
  • Press Add light
  • Do a Search
  • While it’s searching, plug the OSRAM device, if it’s the OSRAM SMART+ Plug turn it on !

Your search in progress should directly find the newly plugged device !

IMPORTANT: as a reminder, if you plug first your OSRAM device and do the search after, it will never work …


The only drawback I can think of is simply that you cannot update your OSRAM devices with the Bue bridge. It’s one big problem for security purposes but the fact is that it’s cheaper to use the HUE bridge if you already have one, and it allows you to control everything from one app.


Well, there you go, it should work. There was nothing complicated it’s just a process to follow. If you have devices I have not listed feel free to contact me I’d be happy to update !

If you want to go further and secure your Philips Hue bridge I’d recommend you to follow my howto.