Useful links

This page lists all the links that could help you for development (mostly web development), sysadmin job or anything related to both these fields.


Some links, as of now only a few to help you through development.

  • explain thoroughly what’s a regex all about.
  • an all in one ! Free online testers (PHP, Regex, XPATH, …), converters, encoders (base64, URL, …), formatters (JSON, XML), minifiers (CSS, JS, HTML), …


Quite a self explanatory subsection, it’s all about DNS !


Just a random section covering nothing but funny things around the “nerd world”.

  • (FR) explique la diffĂ©rence entre chiffrer et crypter.
  • blog relating the daily life of web agency developers.
  • bayeux: create EPIC shit using medieval pictures


This section lists all the links related to the mail field, from server side to the client side.

  • : check the quality of your mails (SPF, DKIM, DMARC, reverse, …)
  • analyze your mail server configuration, is it an open relay, or if it’s blacklisted.


A section about improving your SSL configuration.

  • test your site’s certificate and configuration
  • what’s my cert chain: well it’s self explanatory, sometimes you have a certificate and don’t have the chain, there you go !
  • ciphers for most softwares


This section is all about sysadmin stuff.

  • a neat tool to get information about different RAID’s type capacity, speed, fault tolerance.


This chapter is all about the web, from speed optimization to security without forgetting the SEO.