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An .htpasswd with an IP bypass

Hello everyone,

today is about some Apache “trick” to restrict access on your website. It’s using .htpasswd as you may know. A common problem with .htpasswd is to restrict access with a password, the thing is that you don’t want to type a password all the time, who remembers it? We are all so lazy … me first 🙂
So here goes a configuration which gives you the possiblity to bypass the password for a set of allowed IPs, domains, etc …

This configuration can go into an .htaccess or a virtualhost:

<Location />
        AuthUserFile /path/to/the/.htpasswd
        AuthName "Restricted area"
        AuthType Basic
        require valid-user
        Satisfy Any
        Order allow,deny
        Allow from

How does it work?
If your IP is then you won’t be asked for the password, but if you have a different IP, then you have to remember the password !
Voilà 🙂